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Vishal Group is known all over Nepal as a reputed business house, which is involved in different kinds of business verticals. For the past 80 years, they have gradually proved their efficiency in the various business sectors. Initially this group was founded by Mr. Gordhandas Agrawal and during its earlier day, they used to have just a textile shop at Dharan. Later, the extended their business to the different other sectors like FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) distribution, cement, agriculture, hydropower, consumer battery, iron and steel, banking and insurance and many more. Recently, they have stepped into the industry of education as well. Some of these business verticals, mainly,  studio beats by dre black the distribution of FMCG products have even introduced them with the international trade.However, their successful business of iron and steel has earned them much fame as well as has helped them in contributing a lot to the overall economy  beats dre hd of the country. This famous business house of Nepal is mainly involved in the manufacturing of various kinds of iron and steel products, which includes a wide range of activities related to this sector. This range includes activities like manufacturing, marketing as well as distribution of many value-added products of iron and steel. The iron and steel products manufactured and marketed by these products are meant for both domestic and international market. Apart from that the above mentioned activities even include designing and fabrication of varied products, which are specifically manufactured to meet the different requirements of infrastructure projects.  Since this industry is mostly driven by technology, the Vishal Group Nepal has incorporated high level state-of-the-art and automation technology into the different activities related to iron and steel. This popular business group of Nepal has got a vast portfolio of manufactured goods in the segment of iron and steel, all  monster beats australia of which are featured with highest surface and metallurgical qualities. In the present world, where the ability of producing a wide mix of products has become a core competency, this Nepal based business house is even not far behind in regards to that. And this  sale beats online is what, which has made them capture a major portion  monster beats earbuds of the market in the high value added sector of iron and steel. This group runs their iron and steel manufacturing business through three of their subsidiary companies, names of which are as follows :?Golden Battery Ind. Pvt. Ltd., located at Tankisinwari in the Morang district?Kamala Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd., which is based at Tankiswari in the district of Morang?Mainawati Steel Ind. Pvt. Ltd. that is located at Duhabi in the Sunsari district. All of these have made the Vishal Group enjoy a pre-eminent position in the sector of iron and steel in Nepal. The wide range of activities has helped the group establish synergies within the industry of iron and steel, which, with the passage of time, has become one of the main quality standards. Competitive prices as well  beats by dr dre cheapest as effective delivery agenda are among the specialty of this business group.  Summary: The Vishal Group, a reputed business house of Nepal, is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of different kinds of iron and steel products, meant for both domestic and international markets.About Author: Sanjiv is a research fellow, who researches on the anti-corruption policies followed by the corporate houses. He recently contact Vishal Group Nepal for the purpose.  
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